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Creel Pone 15th Anniversary Batch #2 (February) Now Available!

  199-9. Will Jima; The UFO Message, Revelation 666216. Art Enfatin et Creation: Recherches Sur La Voix, Musiques Electroniques, Musiques Concrètes224. Alessandro de Lucchi226. Tim Clark; The Last Question+229. Riccardo Allorto, Torallo; Disco Elettronico

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Creel Pone 15th Anniversary Batch #1 Now Available!

There was to be a big 15-year Creel Pone batch back in May celebrating the Crystal Anniversary of the series, but of course the world had other plans. This was always a venture that was fueled & funded primarily through my music/travel schedule, which has of course been waylaid completely since early March; that said, I finally had a few moments of not-total panic over the past few months to wade through the mounting pile of “candidates” that had been sent in and I’m happy to report that the program will now renew as planned on New Years’ Day at...

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