Thanks or celebrating the 18th Anniversary of Creel Pone with me in such grand fashion; the response to last month's batch bordered on overwhelming, and it's been amazing to see so many familiar names amongst the invoices & communications-stream.

The 10% off sale will continue clear through the end of the summer, so you will have plenty of time to go through the site & fill in the gaps in your collection, and I will continue to work on restocks & rééditions clear through then, so please keep your eyes on the site!

I've just posted 4 New titles & 1 P.C.P. Refresh to the site this morning, so let's get right into it:

[CP 289 CD] Paul Church Jr.; Just Passing Through
[CP 287 CD] Jean Schwarz, Philip Beetz, Jacques Lejeune; Des Musiques Des Sons, Hommage A . . .
[CP 284 CD] Enrique X. Macias; Entre La Nocha y La Mañana +
[CP 283 CD] Yan Tregger, David, Daniel Wescott; To The Land Of No Return, A Musical Evocation Of The Old Testament

Recalling the more innocent end of the series' early history, the C.P. replication of Paul Church Jr.'s 1983 Private "Just Passing Through" blends sublime synth-fields & crystal-gaze antics with the sort of effects-laden stage piano drip of New Age purveyors such as Jordan De La Sierra & even C.P. alum Giuseppe Morocchi.

A decades-in-the-making title finally getting its due is the single-disc issue covering both the Jean Schwarz, Philip Beetz, Jacques Lejeune Private "Calling Card" LP "Des Musiques Des Sons" coupled with the Beetz-heavy "Hommage A..." Soleil Masque library. Read my epic spiel on the site for the whole timeline of getting this absurdly hard to find slice of GRM-aligned Electro-Acoustic mania back out & hearable again!

After debuting in the C.P. catalogue via his piece "Portrait Du Matin" on the "Musica Electroacustica Española" set, Spanish composer Enrique X Macias' lone 1983 solo LP gets its due place in the spotlight, covering his Ensemble-and-Tape experiments including collaborations with Jorge Peixinho, Patrick Kosk, and others.

Then, continuing this mini-stretch of Library-world disambiguation projects, there's a fresh double-disc covering the more Avant-Garde & Electronic work of one Edouard "Ted" Joseph Scotto Di Suoccio (better known perhaps through his work as Yan Tregger and/or Daniel/David Wescott) which presents two Musical Touch Sound libraries in one handy package; easily his best work!

[CP 000.37 CD] Neue Klangstrukturen Der Musik

Finally, the 000.3X P.C.P. refreshes continue arriving at the ASNYC HQ in reverse-order, here with a gorgeous replica covering the 1980 "Neue Klangstrukturen der Musik" set, which offers a disc of "Introduction to Electronic Sound Shaping" by Hans-Peter Haller, then an amazing set of Electro-Acoustic Improv & Ensemble & Tape Works by Haller, Günter Christmann & Detlef Schönenberg, and Cristóbal Halffter.

The initial bundles of all of the above have just gone live on the ASNYC site & so please have a look and a listen. I'll be shipping out orders starting first thing tomorrow morning, so please get an order in tonight for the quickest possible turnaround.

That's all for now; thanks, as always & all the best -Keith

PS. I'll be celebrating a not-insignificant birthday on Monday the 29th here in Brooklyn; just wanted to thank everyone out there reading this for your continued interest in what is easily the most enjoyable of my many music-adjacent labors-of-love going at the moment. If you'd pinched me ~20 years back with the knowledge that I'd still have a small but viable mail-order concern now, I wouldn't have believed it. Here's to the future, and to keeping this sort of thing alive...

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