General Information.

Welcome to the direct retail & wholesale arm of Alpha State NYC. This site is still in its infancy; expect functional & aesthetic changes over the coming months as things settle into place. If something simply isn't working for you, if you see any glaring errors or anything unusual, or if you're the buyer for a shop or retail concern & want to stock our labels: please get in touch via the contact form below (or click the floating blue orb to your right below).

Everything currently listed as in stock on this site is physically sitting on the shelf in ASNYC's spacious Brooklyn HQ. While the business lives in a non-publicly accessible space (especially so during these late stages of COVID-19) pickup is of course available to those in the greater NYC; please get in touch following order placement to make arrangements, making sure to select the "Local Pickup" option in the shipping pull-down menu.

Postage quotes are generated in real-time to your destination based on the weight & dimensions of the items in your order coupled with the packing materials needed to safely get them to you. Domestic (USA) customers have the option of Media Mail or Priority Mail, along with a First Class option for orders under 13 oz. (i.e. just a disc, tape, or two). International customers similarly can choose between First Class International (for orders below 64 oz.) and Priority Mail International. We will gladly ship anywhere in the world that the USPS will allow; please get in touch if there are any issues with order placement! Generally speaking, orders tend to physically ship from the Pratt Post Office on Tuesdays & Fridays, after it will take up to a week for the tracking information to update. 

Note that at present this site only covers the (new) release & reissue sales & from our in-house labels Creel Pone, Entschuldigen, Industrial Abbotsford, New England Electric Music Company (NEEMC), noProtracted View, Traveloglog, & others. ASNYC also keeps an active presence over on Discogs where there are many, many used & second-hand titles available for (instant) purchase. Similarly, big-ticket records are sporadically pulled from the Discogs listings & auctioned over on eBay (where our entire available line is also available to those who prefer dealing inside their ecosystem). On occasion, there are rolling musical equipment & instrument sales going over at Reverb as well, where ASNYC has taken over the "Absalom's Modular Barn" account:

In additional to the labels & mail-order/wholesale operations, ASNYC's Fort Greene / Wallabout / Navy Yard area HQ operates as a full-range project studio offering Audio Restoration & Transcription (i.e. always glad to make high-quality "Rips" of Cassettes, DATs, MiniDiscs, Vinyl, or any antiquated/analog media that you need digitized), Mixing / Mastering / Remix, and (increasingly) Compact Disc-Recordable & Cassette Duplication (using the same automated/robotic machinery as Creel Pone, H-RA, services. 

Keep ASNYC in mind for your project! Rates on request (get in touch!) Clients include:


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