Frequenty asked questions:

1). I placed an order and received a tracking number within 24 hours, but it has shown no signs of activity for a week now and I'm starting to get worried.

Tracking for USPS Media Mail (the service maybe 3/4 of the packages ASNYC sends out use) has been less & less... instructive as of late. Most packages aren't scanned into the system(s) until they breach the halo of NYC, and in fact many will show no signs of life until they either arrive at your local post office... or on your doorstep. This is part of the "New Normal" we keep reading about in the news & is something that we will all have to learn to accept.

2) Shipping overseas is expensive. Is there a way to get cheaper rates and/or optimize the size/weight of an order?

Yes, I know the USPS First Class Int'l rates have been on the rise recently. I have been wrestling with the postage calculator on the site here to yield fractional rates for boxes under 32 oz., but thus far have been unsuccesful. Your best bet is to buy exactly 10 Creel Pone titles/tapes in one go as this will yield a box weighing just under 2 lbs., thus making the most of that rate. That, or get in touch with one of ASNYC's many retail partners, including Cafe OTO in the UK, and both Art Into Life & Meditations in Japan (shops & mailorder operations interested in stocking any of our labels: please get in touch either via the form or the floating blue orb below).

3). Is there a difference between the titles listed on eBay and the ones listed here?

No; the price discrepancy is simply to cover the fees than an eBay sale incurs vs. buying the same titles directly via this site. Obviously I recommend the latter when possible, but I completely understand if you want to go the eBay route for extra peace of mind; no harm, no foul.

4). I would love to buy a few things from the site here but I'm also interested in some of your Discogs titles; is there a way to consolidate these into a single shipment?

Absolutely! I recommend placing & paying for the alphastate.nyc order first, then sending through the order on Discogs second; before you follow through with payment there, give me a minute to go ahead & calculate/invoice you for the additional postage costs incurred (if any) & you'll be good to go!

5). Have you ever considered realising a version of (insert impossibly rare, arcane Early Electronic Music LP that you have a copy of on hand & are willing to lend, temporarily, to the "Cabal") on Creel Pone?

I would absolutely love your suggestions as to titles to check out that you feel would be good candidates for the program! In general, any Early Experimental Electronic record that hasn't (otherwise) been reissued in the interim between its release & now is fair game; of course keeping in mind the stylistic & contextual concepts behind the series (i.e. we tend to stay away from Berlin School-relatable records, preferring things aren't as easily classifiable). Already have a candidate in mind? Please send a message via the form below (or click that floating blue orb to your lower right) :

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