Hello everyone; an interim update here to keep you all apprised of this month's restock & réédition activities, along with some salient news:

For the first time in 20 years, I'll be selling records at this year's WFMU Record Fair, happening on October 14th & 15th at the wonderful Knockdown Center right on the edge of Bushwick/Ridgewood, where I'll be sharing a table with all-timer (and co-host of the recent Creel Pone Show on Montez Press) Jacob Gorchov (of Palto Flats fame).

I've been steadily prepping & pricing a tight selection of approximately 250 LPs, including original copies of several Creel Pone classics along with a relatable selection of notable Avant-Electronic obscurities & rarities (most of which I've yet to list on Discogs). Come through, make sure to say hello (and yes, I'll be accepting Venmo / PayPal on site for those that have already asked).


The C.P. mechanics have been trucking along mercilessly for the past few weeks, and I'm glad to report that there are two brand-new rééditions along with a dozen-odd restocks of several key titles:

[CP 155 CD] Klaus Röder; Elektronische Kompositionen 1975-1983[CP 158-189 CD] William Hoskins, William Strickland, Lawrence Moss, Mark Wilson; Galactic Fantasy, Eastern Reflections, An Electronic Trip to the Zoo, Sound Hypnosis, Melodrama, Aeolus

The Klaus Röder set [CP 155 CD] has been freshly augmented to include the entirety of his only other era-appropriate appearance on record (well, aside from Autobahn) in the form of the 1978 "Düsseldorfer Hochschulkonzerte 5" set which, aside from Röder's near-side-length "Schmutzmusik (1975). Eine stereophone elektronische Komposition" (predating the works on the two early-80s LPs) also includes Early Electronic pieces by recent C.P. "Graduate" Francisco Estevez (see [CP 254 CD]) & Raimund Jülich.

The William Hoskins & Strickland Spectrum outings have been neatly bundled into a new edition [CP 158-189 CD] which includes the entirety of both LPs, plus an incredible side-length suite (originally issued in a miniscule edition as a Century Custom Private) composed with Johan Franco & played by The Everyman Ensemble with Hoskins' "Electronic Montages" taking center-stage. The second disc concludes with Lawrence Moss & Mark Wilson's pieces from the later Spectrum compilation "Soundscapes."

The following titles are all now back in stock & available again after a (significant) absence, so please have a look at the site (note the purple stickers for all editions going forward):

[CP 012-062 CD] Tod Dockstader; Electronic [SBH 3073], Electronic [SBH 3082][CP 067-097 CD] André Almuró; Kosmos, Musiques Expérimentales, L'Envol, Ambitus, Prolegosphere[CP 132 CD] Georges Teperino, Cecil Leuter; The Complete TVMusic, 101-104[CP 137 CD] Di Jarrell; Industria 2000, April Orchestra Vol.5
[CP 139 CD] Elektronski Studio Radio Beograda [PGP RTB ‎2513], [PGP RTB 3130037][CP 159 CD] Hans Otte, Takis, Nam June Paik; On Earth, Klangraum Takis, Duett Paik/Takis
[CP 172 CD] Master Wilburn Burchette; Complete Electronic Music Recordings[CP 208 CD] Glenn Williams; Who Says Birds Don't Do Things Just For Fun?
[CP 213 CD] Mesias Maiguashca; Oeldorf 8[CP 225 CD] Gabriel Brn%u010Di%u0107; Chile Fértil Provincia..., Cueca Para La Exaltación De Jorge Peña Hen, Destierro, Cielo+
[CP 228 CD] Nikolai Badinski; ABAN Electronic Recordings[CP 232 CD] Liviu Dandara, Adrian Tomescu; Suspended Time %u2022 Affectus Memoria %u2022 Quadriforium III %u2022 Three Stages About Silence %u2022 Rezonances, Piano Recital
[CP 252 CD] Colette Magny, André Almuro; "Avec" Poème, Poésie De Cruauté[CP 273 CD] Alberico Vitalini; Sound Expression, Espressioni Sonore, Espressioni Elettroniche
[CP 276 CD] Logos Duo; Composition-Improvisation, Pneumafoon Project

That's all for right now; I hope you're all enjoying the September C.P. releases as much as we enjoyed putting them together! There are a couple of amazing titles in the works for October; I'll send another update regarding these when the timing is right...

Until then, as always, thanks for reading -Keith

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