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Euskal Musikalarien Uhin Berria

1-01. Antón Larrauri; Munduak (11:33)
1-02. Agustín González Acilu; Seriegrafonia (4:19)
1-03. Tomás Marco; Agur Jerardo (4:50)

1-04. Carmelo Bernaola; Argia Ezta Ikusten (9:32)
1-05. Tomás Marco; Miriada (10:55)

IV Concurso Arpa De Oro - Homenaje A Manuel De Falla

1-06. Francisco Estevez; Loa [Conjunto De Camara Y Electrónica En Vivo] (16:03)
1-07. Francisco Estevez; Fluctuaciones [Percusión Y Electrónica] (8:11)

2-01. Antón Larrauri; Aitxa [Conjunto De Camara] (18:11)
2-02. Antón Larrauri; Zuloan Bat [Percusión Y Electrónica] (9:20)

2-03. Francisco Otero; Canción Desesperada [Conjunto De Camara] (13:03)
2-04. Francisco Otero; Archivo [Electrónica] (9:36)

2-05. Gabriel Fernández Alvez; Peñalara [Conjunto De Camara] (18:43)
2-06. Gabriel Fernández Alvez; Intellectum Tibi Dabo [Voz, Percusion Y Cinta Magnetica] (8:21)

[CP 254 CD] Euskal Musikalarien Uhin Berria, IV Concurso Arpa De Oro

Creel Pone

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Double-disc set compiling two separate, yet relatable early-70s issues of Avant-Electronic music by (largely) Basque Composers, centering on the work of Antón Larrauri; the tying bridge between both releases...

While the work of Spanish Composers such as Luis De Pablo, Andrés Lewin-Richter, & Eduardo Polonio has been prevalent in the C.P. offerings over the years, there is precious little recorded Experimental & Avant-Electronic music by those from the Basque region, making this set so special. If it were for Larrauri's "Munduak" alone (12 minutes of scraping, echo-laden chaos) this would be worth the price of admission, but given the gamut run from "Live" Electronic excesses, scraping Free Improv & Extended-Technique pieces, and errant Sound Poetry flourishes that dot the proceedings herein, this is an extremely wild ride.