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Composition - Improvisation (Igloo #IGL 011, 1983)

1-01. The Wall (5:01) 1980
1-02. Sotto Voce, O Il Sogno (8:55) 1982
1-03. Timeframes (11:46) 1982

1-04. Improvisation (23:15) 1981

Pneumafoon Project (Igloo #IGL 050, 1987)

2-01. Concerto Voor Pneumafoon En Orgel (22:14)
Gent Royal Conservatory, February 6, 1986

2-02. Pneumafoon Performance (24:12)
Chiesa di San Romano, Ferrara, Italy, June 8 to 15, 1986

[CP 276 CD] Logos Duo; Composition-Improvisation, Pneumafoon Project

Creel Pone

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April 2022: Surprise late-stage entrant (just when I thought we were out, they pull us back in) into the "XX6" Igloo series, compiling both LPs by the "Logos" duo of Godfried-Willem Raes & Moniek Darge, as issued by Daniel Sotiaux in 1983 & 1987, respectively.

"Composition-Improvisation" shows the pair working with "Producer" Karel Goeyvaerts (of "IPEM 1963-73" fame, [CP 053-085-138]) showcasing a side of incredible Electro-Acoustic "Compositions" (performed/recorded at the BRT in Gand, Fondation Logos, & Atlantic Gallery, West Broadway, respectively) then one extended "Improvisation" (ditto, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Bruxelles) between 1980 & 1982. This is, along with Bellenorgel, the wildest & most unhinged music from the Logos scene, with epic vocal screech cut with raw homemade oscillator gristle & an incredibly transgressive sound overall bordering on the Harsh Noise of Hijokaidan in places.

Jumping forward to early 1986, the two side-length performance-excerpts by Godfried-Willem (largely acting as "Conductor") & Moniek along with Kattie Couck, Guy De Bievre, Hans Vuylsteke, Inge Kerkhove, Rik Deschnyk, Tom Flamant, & Wim Belaen (along with Johan Huys on "Organ" on the first piece) performing on gigantic "Pneumafoons" (giant air-sacks/baloons connected to pneumatic sound-producing apparatus) as recorded at Gent Royal Conservatory & Chiesa di San Romano, Ferrara, respectively, are an absolute riot of performance-art antics, yiedling a giant wave of moving air that rivals Yoshi Wada's "Lament for the Rise and Fall of the Elephantine Crocodile" in it's raw sense of physicality in sound. The latter was my personal entryway into the work of this pair (thanks to Twisted Village) so it's a great pleasure to present this "Double-Pack" set, complete with replicas of the Double-Sided Insert included w/ the former & the (deep breath) 16-page Booklet included w/ the latter, chock full of extensive documentation of Darge & Raes' instruments & intent.