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[CP 228 CD] Nikolai Badinski; ABAN Electronic Recordings

Creel Pone

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Attractive double-disc set collecting the first three ABAN-label releases by the Bulgarian Composer & Violinist Nikolai Badinski, each offering a coterie of Electro-Acoustic and Live-Electronic pieces cut with Malcolm Goldstein-esque string-scrapes dating back to the mid/late-70s.

Covered are "Martialphonien / Dostoevsky-Reflections / (Kontrabass)4, Decipio 1" (ABAN 2119), "Klavieriada / Homage To Kafka / Rotation (In Memory Of A Cosmonaut)" (ABAN 2191), and "Meditationen / Dialoghi Per Viola Sola / Momenti / Pitture Per Trio D'Archi" (ABAN 2192). Impatient listeners can cut right to the second (blue) disc, which drops you right in the heart of the "Homage To Kafka (1979)", "Rotation (In Memory Of A Cosmonaut) (1974)", & "Meditationen (1979)" trifecta, which shows a great swatch of tape-echo'ed instrumentation & errant Eastern-European synthesis rife with cosmological significances.