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[CP 172 CD] Master Wilburn Burchette; Complete Electronic Music Recordings

Creel Pone

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2015 reédition now including all four of Burchette's synth-centric privately-issued LPs on two handy discs (inside two separate sleeves with two booklets!) adding "Music of the Godhead", "Transcendental Music for Meditation", and "Mind Storm" to the proceedings!

After a series largely guitar-centric releases - with titles like "Master Wilburn Burchette Opens The Seven Gates Of Transcendental Consciousness" & "Occult Concert" - "Psychic Meditation Music" was the 1974 debut of obscure Psychedelic tradesman Burchette's Electronic Music, realized by the Composer himself on an array of early Analog Synthesizers & taking form as a pair of side-length extrapolations on a continuous modal tonality.

Much like the "Pythagoron™" outing - with which this shares more than just a passing aesthetic resemblance - the use of this music for purposes of healing & recovery is its sole purpose; its enjoyment as music secondary. As Burchette's digits coax out chill runs of overdubbed, echo-laden figures - all hand-played & in a rather lovely rubato not unlike a more severe Angel Rada - his own Alpha-waves & Theta-rhythm energies are transmitted via sound into your cortex where they take root, forming images & concepts - such as the cover-image's third-eyed Strieber-lineage alien-fellow - & ultimately sending your consciousness into the background.

Musically, the gently wafting tonalities have a darker edge to them; while I'm reminded of fellow C.P. alum Steve Birchall's epic "Reality Gates," I can also hear a kindred approach to Maurizio Bianchi's more chilled-out early 80s work. Regardless, this is a fascinating and elusive entrant into the canon of self-issued, "Private" Electronic Music that should appeal to the more Psychedelically-minded.