Would you look at that... a month late, sure, but better ever than never: Creel Pone 18th Anniversary Purple & Gold Foil Anniversary Seals have arrived (trivia; from the moment the idea of these formed, the same mom & pop company outside of Atlanta has been making them).

Going forward, all new C.P. titles, restocks, & rééditions will have one of these beauties placed top right (...or left, depending on the artwork; always a toss-up) while supplies last; hopefully this batch will tide us over clear through the Creel Pone 20th Anniversary in 2025.

Can't think of a better selection to inaugurate these with than the four new titles detailed below; a mix of deep, history-reframing research-oriented work, knee-jerk snap decisions, perpetuation of a long-standing label-link, and at least one pyrrhic victory by the C.P. Cabal over my own hard-coded sensibilities (read on...)

[CP 199.19 CD] Dieter Salbert, Alrun Zahoransky; Musica Phantastica, Klangszenen, Alte Und Neue Musik Auf Alten Instrumenten
[CP 237 CD] Pascal Bentoiu, Corneliu Dan Georgescu; Jertfirea Ifigeniei (Operă Radiofonică), Model Mioritic
[CP 286 CD] Paul Arma; Quand La Mesure Est Pleine, Cantate Pour Bande Magnétique, Sept Variations Spatiophoniques, Hét Szpaciofonikus Variáció
[CP 288 CD] Arthur Custer; Found Objects

Compiling both LPs & the "Private Edition" single by the life-duo of Dieter Salbert & Alrun Zahoransky, the double-disc at CP 199.19 closes out the hotly contested 199.XX series (for now) with a bang, covering the pair's supernatural synth, tape, and virtuosic vocal dexterities, covering their entire vinyl-era output. Had these framed, personally, as a series of "Ghostly" Berlin-school excorcisms, glad to finally sit down & kowtow to the greater forces at work.

It's been great to (finally) see some recent movement in the 23X Romanian "Electrecord" series after a few years of torpor, here presenting two titles on a single disc (which fit neatly together with seconds to spare) by Composers Pascal Bentoiu & Cornelius Dan Georgescu, each concerned with a different lane of the ensemble / choir-meets-tape-music spec. The gorgeous Op-Art sleeves of the original LP editions are recreated here wonderfully, and it's a thrill to let the four side-length suites of borderline Satanic vocal chanting & errant tape-drone & Concréte flourish wash over.

The C.P. P.T.B. have long had their eyes on a particularly beguiling, 1962 "Cantate pour Bande Magnetique" by Franco-Hungarian Composer Paul Arma, and by pure chance/luck a pristine example landed on our lap. Glad to finally present the piece in its entirety, along with the bonus of Arma's entirely apropos 1960 work "Sept Variations Spatiophoniques" clocking in at 70 minutes of amazing proto-Electronics.

Finally, after an intense, decades-long scrub through the entire Serenus label discography (a catalogue that has yielded many fine C.P. classics over the years) I'm glad to present a focused selection of Composer Arthur Custer's "Found Objects" pieces, in which surly, largely early Modular Synth chatter (recorded at the University of Iowa in the 60s & 70s) is inadvertently launched at a series of soloists, forcing them to scramble. Included is an extra bonus "Object" buried deep on an adjacent Serenus LP, completing the project on one handy disc.

The initial 25-count bundles of the four editions above (above) have just gone live on the alphastate.nyc site; these days I tend to gauge each title's reception individually before going too deep into the manufacturing & replenishment side of things, so please keep in mind that stock levels will ebb & flow until they stabilize. If you want something that's currently out of stock, please let me know directly.

This goes for the titles issued over the last few months (many of which disappeared for a while there, and are finally back in limited stock):

[CP 000.37 CD] Neue Klangstrukturen Der Musik
[CP 000.38 CD] Klaus Cornell, Open Music Group; Oratorio Spelaeologico, «Bericht Von Den Beatushöhlen», Die Spiegel
[CP 236 CD] Lucian Mețianu, Silvio Foretic, Janko Jezovšek; String Quartet Nos. 1 & 2, Pythagoreis, Evolutio '73,  Balkanal
[CP 274 CD] Georges Boeuf, Lucien Bertolina; GMEM Works, Abyssi Symphonia, Aller Simple, Retour À Marseille
[CP 281.03 CD] Henry Martin; Concerto Per Un Quadro Di Adami
[CP 281.04 CD] Ton Bruynèl, Dick Raaijmakers, Peter Struycken; Geluid <=> Kijken, Drie Audio-Visuele Projekten
[CP 282 CD] Gerhard Narholz, Sammy Burdson, Otto Sieben, Tony Tape; Chappell Mood Music Vol. 15, Electronic Studio Orchestra, Space Age
[CP 283 CD] Yan Tregger, David, Daniel Wescott; To The Land Of No Return, A Musical Evocation Of The Old Testament
[CP 284 CD] Enrique X. Macias; Entre La Nocha y La Mañana +
[CP 285 CD] David Keane; Lyra, Aurora, CAPAC Musical Portrait
[CP 287 CD] Jean Schwarz, Philip Beetz, Jacques Lejeune; Des Musiques Des Sons, Hommage A . . .
[CP 289 CD] Paul Church Jr.; Just Passing Through

The ongoing 10% off sale is on track to continue clear through the end of the summer (September 23rd) so you should have plenty of time to go through the site & fill in the gaps in your collection, and I will continue to work on restocks & rééditions clear through then (expect a restock & réédition update in a few weeks).

That's all for now; thanks, as always & all the best -Keith

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