Here's an in-between update simply to remind you that everything is currently 10% off on the site & to highlight this month's Creel Pone restock/réédition activity; the following titles (pictured below) have all returned to inventory after a sizable absence:

[CP 000.12 CD] Robert Ceely; Complete BEEP Recordings +
[CP 000.20 CD] İlhan Mimaroğlu; The Complete Electronic Music on Finnadar & Atlantic
[CP 060-061 CD] Musiques de l'O.N.F., Music of the N.F.B.
[CP 094 CD] Musica Electroacustica Mexicana, Musica De Camara
[CP 120-120.5 CD] Juan Blanco; El Guije, Suite Erotica, Suite De Los Niños, Contemporaneos 4, Musica Electroacustica
[CP 147 CD] Dieter Kaufmann; Herbstpathetique, Bildnis, Evocation+
[CP 149 CD] Joanna Bruzdowicz; Pavane Recordings
[CP 184 CD] Frank Garvey; Labyrinth (Prison Walls), Omnicircus
[CP 199.11 CD] Frédéric Nyst, Pablo Palazuelo, Yumi Nara; Le Nombre Et Les Eaux
[CP 229 CD] Torallo, Riccardo Allorto; Disco Elettronico, Suite Elettronica n. 1
[CP 252 CD] Colette Magny, André Almuro; "Avec" Poème, Poésie De Cruauté
[CP 258 CD] Kai Harster; Return To Nature & Other Delights

Note that Music of the N.F.B. / Musiques de l'O.N.F. now includes the Norman McLaren & Maurice Blackburn "Narcisse" soundtrack (issued as a 33 Tours single as the only release on their in-house "Sequences" imprint) & that the Dieter Kaufmann & Joanna Bruzdowicz titles have been reconfigured slightly (with the latter adding the "La Colonie Penitentiaire" LP & "Tarte Blandine" single & bumping it up to a double-disc; will update the site with details shortly).

Copies of last month's new titles are available now (in a somewhat diminished capacity; see above) & look for another update in a week or two with the May offerings (a couple of which are real screamers!)

That's all for now; thanks, as always & all the best -Keith

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