There was to be a big 15-year Creel Pone batch back in May celebrating the Crystal Anniversary of the series, but of course the world had other plans. This was always a venture that was fueled & funded primarily through my music/travel schedule, which has of course been waylaid completely since early March; that said, I finally had a few moments of not-total panic over the past few months to wade through the mounting pile of “candidates” that had been sent in and I’m happy to report that the program will now renew as planned on New Years’ Day at a regular pace of monthly batches, at the very least through April. 

The new titles outlined below all come as pro-printed full-color everything black-bottom CD-R’s with 6-panel booklets inside round-bottom sleeves housed in resealables with a new blue/gold “Creel Pone 15th Anniversary” seal affixed to the outside (please let me know if you want extra/replacement seals or bags/sleeves.) The discs were duplicated utilizing the same pro-grade Primera Robotic machinery (newly refurbished by the manufacturer’s Australian arm) at the slowest possible speed and printed one-at-a-time in-house on a custom 5-color system; the booklets were all made to spec by a professional photo printer in Maryland and frankly, there has never been a better looking set of Creel Pones. That said, the physical editions are far smaller than they had been in the past, so please don’t delay too long in contemplating an order. 

The back-catalogue has similarly been replenished to decent levels following the loss/destruction of maybe 10,000 units during the disastrous remote-move back to the States early last year, and will continue to be so in small numbers (batches of 25 units) until everything that has not been reissued elsewhere is available again; this is all essentially building back to square one/parity after this massive setback.

The first batch is the following 5 titles:

CP 113-1: Creelpolation 2-1.1
CP 199-7. Max J Gmelch; Dies Irae
CP 199-8. New Directions in Music, Significant Contemporary Works for the Computer
CP 219. Philippe Ménard, Serge Rustin; Contes Electroniques, CAPAC Musical Portrait
CP 221. Clark Gesner; Found on the Elevator, 205 W. 57 2/11/69

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