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Philippe Ménard, Serge Rustin; Contes Électroniques (En Couleurs), CAPAC Musical Portrait

Creel Pone
CP 219 CD
Compact Disc-Recordable

Long a candidate for inclusion in the 199.x serié, this set of Avant-Electro & gorgeous minimal Acousmatic filigree has been upgraded into the CP catalogue proper & includes Menard’s CAPAC single (more on this series in a few months).

Along with the Bernard Bonnier LP this whole endeavour perfectly encapsulates the French-Canadian early 80s fascination of club music (Electro here vs. Bonnier's beloved Disco) from a decidedly “Academic” angle & does a fantastic job of mapping GRM-style sound design matrices to an impeccable lattice of rhythms & wonky Synclavier-esque jabs.

Criminal this music (and Ménard in general) hasn’t been talked about more, but then again that’s exactly what this initiative is for. This CP replica comes with a 6-panel booklet covering all of the art/spec/design for both releases. 


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