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[CP 199.08 CD] New Directions In Music; Significant Contemporary Works For The Computer

Creel Pone

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Facsimile edition of this 1978 collection of “Significant Contemporary Works For The Computer” assembled as documentation for the “New Directions in Music” seminar at The University of Tulsa in honor of Composer Aaron Copland.

Aside from the lengthy opening number (featuring inspired interplay between Soprano Ailene Todd & her Digital Avatar; which alone was enough to scare off many of the core CP cognoscenti) this set features early & otherwise unavailable pieces by many notable Composers & Creel Pone graduates including Diane Thome, James Dashow, Emmanuel Ghent, David Wessel, Jean-Claude Risset, Dean Walraff (whose incredibly rhythmically-meticulous "Dance" is a clear highlight, presaging so much of the micro-edits of the micro-processor age to come), William McKee, and Joseph P. Olive.

This is a rare, early example of a regional gathering of Composers around the ideals of digital synthesis & computer-aided Compositional instruction and offers a fascinating glimpse into this exact moment in time; simply incredible that this one had simply been off everyone’s radar until now! The 6-panel booklet includes all detail & information from the original gatefold edition (including a panel dedicated to the amusing inner-sleeve) along with a separate insert reprinting a (4-page) review from Computer Music Journal (Volume II, Number 4; December 1978). Every piece from both LPs is included across a single disc, with seconds to spare...