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[CP 281.07 CD] Wolfgang Jehn; Electronic & Percussion, 5 Kompositionen Für Tonband & Aktions-Gruppe

Creel Pone

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March 2024; Wonderful "Midline" replica edition of this beguiling set of Electronically charged Free Improvsations by the storied Music Educator Wolfgang Jehn, issued on the "Private" Eres-Edition imprint he ran during the 70s w/ his partner Margarete. 

Consisting of a side-length suite of 5 pieces executed twice (with striking differences; essentially a "Dub" mix w/ added drumming, then a "Dry" one of just the electronics) the figures here run the gamut from Crackling Synth Automations, Minimal Bleep & Pointillist Percussion figures, Demonic Ruth White (see: [CP-047-072 CD]) -esque Vocal Miasma w/ atonal Tape Music filigree, Free Improv abandon, a single spry Library-Music etude, & finally an "Underwater" piece ala Knud Viktor (see: [CP 100-101 CD]) this has been long on the C.P. Cabal's radar until a copy fortuitously landed on our lap a few months back! 

Six panel "Glossy" booklet covers all of the relevant details & context, with the inner three panels offering a "Blow-Up" of the tiny texts on the cover/rear.