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[CP 100-101 CD] Knud Viktor; Images, Ambiances

Creel Pone

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Mr P.C. C.P. back in action with his / their 88th title, doing justice to this pair of 1972 “Private-Press” issues by the Danish composer Knud Viktor. I’ve long held these two sides in high esteem as they’re a gorgeous extension of the Musique Concrète tradition - pretty much unparalleled then & since in that the economy of source material(s) used vs. the extended, flowing takes extruded surpass even concept-oriented pieces such as Hugh LeCaine’s “Dripsody” in pure tonal-variation bliss.

The first disc / LP offers a series of shorter vignettes, mostly involving raw water-drip sounds fed through a vicious cycle of tape-delay, vari-speed controls, and feedback-oriented processing - the results are as transfixing as they are impressive. The second disc / LP works two much longer studies, each repeating 3 times, ultra-effective as listener-transport mechanisms.

Perhaps it’s the occasional use of birdsong - or the appearance of these two on the Jean C. Roche -curated L’Oiseau Musicien label - but I hear parallels to Jim Fassett’s “Symphony of the Birds” in some of the transformations - but this is far from a purely academic /demonstrative work - it’s deeply immersive and clearly the fruits of many a month of careful assembly.