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Fiction Sound [Musiche Di Fantasie Scientifiche] (CAM #CML-171, 1979)

01. The Prophecy (Vers. A) [La Profezia] (1:47)
02. The Prophecy (Vers. B) [La Profezia] (1:47)
03. Dawn Of The Planet [Alba Sul Planeta] (1:38)
04. Hologram [Ologramma] (2:59)
05. The Watchmen Of Time [I Guardiani Del Tempo] (2:28)
06. Pulsar (0:39)
07. Crystals [Cristalli] (0:47)
08. Asteroids [Asteroidi] (1:34)
09. Light Drops [Gocce Di Luce] (1:55)
10. Prototype Man [Prototipo Uomo] (1:40)
11. The Twelve Moons [Le Dodici Lune] (0:55)

12. The Great Brain [Il Grande Cervello] (3:10)
13. The Ice Cave (Vers. A) [La Caverna Di Ghiaccio] (1:45)
14. The Ice Cave (Vers. B) [La Caverna Di Ghiaccio] (2:10)
15. The Ice Cave (Vers. C) [La Caverna Di Ghiaccio] (1:35)
16. The Submerged Town [La Città Sommersa] (1:29)
17. Deep To Atlantis [Imersione Ad Atlantide] (1:23)
18. The Invisible Monster [Il Mostro Invisibile] (0:44)
19. Beyond The Dark [Al Di La Del Buio] (1:48)
20. Eternal Obsession [Ossessivo Perpetuo] (4:24)

[CP 279 CD] Stefano Liberati; Fiction Sound, Musiche Di Fantasie Scientifiche

Creel Pone

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January 2023; the C.P. P.T.B. seem to have skipped a CP-2X9 "CAM Special" there (bad dog Mr. P. C. C.P.) due to being blindsided by the Silly & Bone (see: [CP 269 CD]; rightly so TBH) so we're all very glad to see the numerical scheme renewing/redeeming itself here via this gorgeous replication of one of the harder-to-source Avant-Electronic titles on the storied imprint, the only (known) outing in this particular vein by the prolific Italian Composer Stefano Liberati.

While his name should be familiar to hunter-collectors of Library lore, this particular set of quite "Out" and Experimental-leaning work is something of an outlier., esp. given that the 4 other titles featuring his work on CAM (alone: "Youth Love Themes" [CML-053], "Music Of A Russian Character" [CML-054], "Themes With 'Romantic' Variations" [CML-099, sensing a theme here], & even the adjacent "Young Feeling" [CML-172]) are somewhat... breezier.

Certainly not so here, as the ludicriously on-brand quad-lingual titles will be the first tip-off; this is all quite exploratory modular/synth work, intended for placement amongst the Space/Vampire (i.e. Mario Bava) end Italian film, and the slightly longer track-lengths tend to allow proper space for Liberati's extra-domestic ideas to fully foment. It's every bit as eye-opening as the other CAM all-timer ("Fugue Of Light" by Vittorio Marino; see: [CP 127 CD]) and should be treated with due reverence.