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[CP 127 CD] Vittorio Marino; Fugue of Light

Creel Pone

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Here the “Italian Invasion” finally grinds to a halt with this, the lone outing from the virtually un-google-able composer Vittorio Marino.

Amidst the absolutely spot-on Engrish depictions of possible placement / use - “The machine finds the place to discuss with the man; the rhytm (sic), by creating repeating and obsessive vibrations, akin to the assembly line,” “Beam of Light, which notwithstanding its very speedy run, does keep its substance as a light vibration,” “The machines do modulate a music which is unusual to be heard by men, however full of sensations making it « harmonic » to be heard,” “

Equal parts Heldon, Terry Riley, Alvin Curran, Nik “Pascal” Raicevic, Richard Lainhart, Charlemagne Palestine, David Behrman, Jon Hassell, and Steve Reich, these pieces absolutely brim with countless approaches to spaced-out minimal-synth float & filigree - it’s one of a rare breed of library titles containing extended pieces - most hover around the 5/6 minute mark - which is a beautiful thing given the gradual development & slow enveloping that unfold throughout.