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[CP 127 CD] Vittorio Marino; Fugue of Light

[CP 127 CD] Vittorio Marino; Fugue of Light

Creel Pone
CP 127 CD
Compact Disc-Recordable

Here the “Italian Invasion” finally grinds to a halt with this, the lone outing from the virtually un-google-able composer Vittorio Marino.

Amidst the absolutely spot-on Engrish depictions of possible placement / use - “The machine finds the place to discuss with the man; the rhytm (sic), by creating repeating and obsessive vibrations, akin to the assembly line,” “Beam of Light, which notwithstanding its very speedy run, does keep its substance as a light vibration,” “The machines do modulate a music which is unusual to be heard by men, however full of sensations making it « harmonic » to be heard,” “<usic with numberless sound modulations, a carpet for singing the phrase « i love you »,” - lies an impressive set of extremely minimal, drone-based compositions for synthesizer.

Equal parts Heldon, Terry Riley, Alvin Curran, Nik “Pascal” Raicevic, Richard Lainhart, Charlemagne Palestine, David Behrman, Jon Hassell, and Steve Reich, these pieces absolutely brim with countless approaches to spaced-out minimal-synth float & filigree - it’s one of a rare breed of library titles containing extended pieces - most hover around the 5/6 minute mark - which is a beautiful thing given the gradual development & slow enveloping that unfold throughout.


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