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Pulsar (Ayers Rock #AR-101, 1977)

1-01. Attide; Pungiglione (3:20)
1-02. Sorpais; Ali (3:00)
1-03. Tianas; Testina (2:44)
1-04. Nogin; La Nascita (2:03)
1-05. Franco Di Biagio; Pulsazioni (2:43)
1-06. Andrea Dorigo; Saltelli (2:57)
1-07. Nora Orlandi; Sorgente (1:56)
1-08. Andrea Dorigo; Fecondazione (2:45)

1-09. Andrea Dorigo; Sfera (3:28)
1-10. Gianfranco Di Biagio; Girini (3:34)
1-11. Andrea Dorigo; Pulsar (3:37)
1-12. Tianas; Antiphone (2:53)
1-13. Nogin; Brina (3:29)
1-14. Nora Orlandi; Gorgoglio (3:19)
1-15. Nora Orlandi; Gorgoglio Ritmato (4:01)

Diagenesi (River #RV-101, 1977)

1-16. Nora Orlandi; Oceano (4:09)
1-17. Attide; Profondita' (4:10)
1-18. Sorpais; Idro (4:04)
1-19. Franco Di Biagio; Rifrangenze (4:09)
1-20. Tianas; Dialogo Sub (4:10)

2-01. Nogin; Cerchi D'Acqua (4:18)
2-02. Gianfranco Di Biagio; Cristallizzazione (4:08)
2-03. Sorpais; Geotermico (4:14)
2-04. Andrea Dorigo; Elettronica Sistematica (4:21)
2-05. Andrea Dorigo; Mixer/Giochi (4:50)

Tramite (Top End #TE-101, 1977)

2-06. Nora Orlandi; Forse Domani
2-07. Attide; Allegramente
2-08. Nora Orlandi; Torna Da Me
2-09. Andrea Dorigo; Forse T'Amerò
2-10. Sorpais; Fischiettando Con Te
2-11. Andrea Dorigo; La Mia Città
2-12. Franco Di Biagio; Sentimento
2-13. Tianas; Mattinata

2-14. Attide; Tenerezza
2-15. Andrea Dorigo; Ritrovarsi Ancora
2-16. Sorpais; Con Noi
2-17. Andrea Dorigo; Come Lui
2-18. Nogin; Controluce
2-19. Gianfranco Di Biagio; Via Via
2-20. Nogin; Pensieri
2-21. Tianas; Trasparenze

Colori (Colori #CL-10)

3-01. Franco Di Biagio; Girone
3-02. Nogin; Corsi D'Acqua
3-03. Nora Orlandi; Paesaggio
3-04. Nogin; Ascoltare
3-05. Tianas; Aria Pura
3-06. Andrea Dorigo; La Rotativa
3-07. Franco Di Biagio; Zampillo
3-08. Tianas; Notturno

3-09. Nora Orlandi; Il Lavoro
3-10. Tianas; La Greca
3-11. Sorpais; Valkiria
3-12. Franco Di Biagio; L'Esame
3-13. Kordes; Preludio Azzurro
3-14. Nora Orlandi; Resto Qui
3-15. Sorpais; Alba
3-16. Franco Di Biagio; La Mia Armonia

Prato Verde (Prato Verde #PV-011)

3-17. Nora Orlandi; Dio Pan
3-18. Tianas; Umbria
3-19. Nogin; Fauno
3-20. Andrea Dorigo; Ballata Ciociara
3-21. Nora Orlandi; Campestre
3-22. Sorpais; Terzaria
3-23. Attide; La Magia
3-24. Franco Di Biagio; Attesa
3-25. Kordes; Madrigale

4-01. Nora Orlandi; Richiamo
4-02. Kordes; Adrienne
4-03. Sorpais; Il Tempo
4-04. Andrea Dorigo; Mandola
4-05. Franco Di Biagio; Prato Verde
4-06. Nora Orlandi; Imbrunire
4-07. Kordes; Divagazioni (Voce)
4-08. Kordes; Divagazioni (Armonica)

Angelico (Angelico #AN-012)

4-09. Franco Di Biagio; Bachiana
4-10. Nora Orlandi; Vetrata
4-11. Kordes; Allemanda
4-12. Kordes; Corrente
4-13. Andrea Dorigo; Lungomare
4-14. Attide; Il Lago
4-15. Andrea Dorigo; Dialogo
4-16. Nora Orlandi; Insieme
4-17. Nora Orlandi; Vetro Valzer

4-18. Kordes; Cecile
4-19. Kordes; Giga
4-20. Nora Orlandi; Angelico
4-21. Andrea Dorigo; Intermezzo
4-22. Nora Orlandi; A Due
4-23. Nogin; Fugato
4-24. Sorpais; Larghetto
4-25. Kordes; Clawnesca
4-26. Kordes; Sarabanda

[CP 290-291 CD] Nora Orlandi, Franco Di Biagio, Andrea Dorigo, Guido Podestà; Pulsar, Diagenesi, Tramite, Colori, Prato Verde, Angelico

Creel Pone

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September 2023; straight out of left-field, this absurdly rich collection of, largely, Electronic Music by four Italian Composers (often working under multiple aliases, simultaneously) centered around the prolific Film-Composer (her score for the 1971 Giallo mega-classic "The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh" is worth tracking down), session vocalist & Morricone "Sidewoman" (ditto, the latter's 1969 "Love Circle" aka "Metti Una Sera a Cena") Nora Orlandi (aka Attide, Joan Christian) in cahoots with (Gian) Franco Di Biagio (aka Tianas, Nogin), Andrea Dorigo (aka Sorpais), & Guido Podestà (aka Kordes, Despota) was initially issued in 1977 via a series of 6, largely, Eponymous, Private-Issue (when I say "Private" here I really mean it! Copies of these are scant to non-existent) Library-lineage LPs in a coverless fashion spread evenly across four (!!!!) discs, each meticulously restored and presented in the now-familiar diagonal-lane trajectory. 

The discovery of this music has been one of the hot topics amongst the C.P. "Cabal" across the greater 2023, and after careful deliberation we have decided to eschew editorial concerns in favor of the full-monty approach... in truth; all of this is entirely fascinating, from the Tape Studio alien lanes of "Pulsar" & "Diagenesi", to the jazzy synth-lyricisms & vibrant proto-New Age pianisms of "Tramite" & "Colori", & finally the hymnal, ambient lustre & spiritual-leaning oscillating gazes of "Prato Verde", & "Angelico" (which, in places, recall the analogue gristle of fellow countryman Amedeo "Di Jarrell" Tommasi, [CP 137 CD], the hand-played drift of Angel Rada, [CP 000.13 CD], the echo-piano solemnity of Giuseppi Morocchi, [CP 124 CD], the upwards-glancing of the recent Paul Church, Jr., [CP 289 CD], and of course the entire worldview of Nik "Pascal" Raicevic, [CP 079.5-080-081 CD]).

This is, simply-put, a massive chunk of absurdly great obscure Italian Electronic-Library gold, presented in self-same the context-free way that makes the hunt (and, in this particular case, the kill) for this exact sort of needle-in-the-haystack greatness so alluring. Comes (complete) in a six-panel glossy booklet, with the labels dovetailed diagonally on the outside, hard-won portraits of then-and-now Orlandi & her crew on the inner, shadowed by wax & the four discs neatly labeled inside, issued at a premium. One of the best & most painstaking C.P. titles in recent times...