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[CP 124 CD] Giuseppe Morrocchi; Aaffluss Raaffluss

Creel Pone

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Killer 1988 “art-gallery” edition - each copy of the original LP was hand-painted by the composer in a loose, water-colour smear / drip style beautifully reproduced here, albeit utilizing the same image for each replica - covering a pair of beautiful, drifting piano pieces composed & executed by Giuseppe Morrocchi in 1980 & 1984.

Seemingly influenced by Charlemagne Palestine’s “Strumming Music” approach - coupled perhaps with Lubomyr Melnyk’s “Continuous Mode” - the slow rise from decisive, individual note-attacks into a smear of motorik-lined rhythmic modal playing gets into some wonderfully claustrophobic spaces, exacerbated on the A-side by the use of tape-slown & reversed iterations of the same piano phases, resulting in a swirling, bi-directional mass of twisting string-sound that’s just as deluxe & trance-inducing as anything in the aforementioned composers’ canons.

An incredible record, one often tied up in the various price-gouging scenarios that go hand-in-hand with “Art” records, discovered out in the wild, cleaned up & issued in a nice, pocketable edition for a slightly wider audience than the original will allow / afford - the Creel Pone modus in a nutshell.