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[CP 199.16 CD] Fizzè, Dizzi; Kulu Hatha Mamnua, Manœuvres D'Automne

Creel Pone

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August 2022; appearing here in the much maligned "199.X" serié is this two-fer single-disc compiles both LPs released on the Swiss "Les Disques De L'Art Gué" label in the mid-80s, collecting the work of a tight-knit cadré of musicians working on & around each other: Victor "Fizzè" de Bros, Gilles-Vincent "Dizzi" Rieder, Laurent "Lorenz" Viennet, & Serge "Djodjo" Baudat, all working out of the former's Mensch studio.

Much like other  recent "Edgelord" C.P. offerings (i.e. the Philippe Doray, [CP 215 CD], or possibly the Regrelh, [CP 209 CD], but definitely the Alain Saverot, [CP 268 CD], and certainly the Geographically-related Jan Beran, [CP 218 CD]) this wades uncomfortably close to genre musics (as with the first two aforementioned: RIO, or "Rock In Opposition") but it was through the constant pleas of one of the core C.P. cognoscenti (over the span of several years, no less) that I began to see the light, as such the C.P. "Cabal" are proud to present this set of arguably Fourth-World-leaning music, rife with studio trickery/treachery, cutting the "Tribal" hand-drumming w/ long stretches of Electro-Acoustic drone & other sundry affects to yield a compelling worldview unlike any one other thing I can summon.

This edition comes with all relevant imagery from both titles laid out across an (eye-popping; I must say this is one of the better-looking titles in recent times) 6-panel booklet, plus an additional greyscale number offering the details from the printed inner sleeves/inserts of each.