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Ballade Rustique (Le Kiosque d'Orphée #KO/82.0612, 1982)

1-01. Interprétation ("one man song") : Alain Saverot (1975)
Extraits de textes: 1e partie, Saverot, Baudelaire (16:23)

1-02. 2e partie, anonyme (XVIe -siècle)
pré-final, hommage à Queneau, Tzara, Frédérique... (22:05)

Tirage De Tête (Le Kiosque D'Orphée #KO/82.0904, 1982)

1-03. Vole, Vole, Vole... (7:17)
1-04. Mots-Maux (15:09)

2-01. Biotope Musical Aux Essences Paranoïa-Critiques (22:04)

Original Magma (No Label, #83 AS 3 MC 1, 1983)

2-02. La (Soupe) Genèse [1] (21:53)

2-03. La (Soupe) Genèse [2] (9:50)
2-04. For Guitars (4:12)
2-05. Laughing In The Cars (3:05)
2-06. Carnival Boogie (3:51)
2-07. L'Invitation Au Voyage (2:45)
2-08. Vole, Vole... He Takes Wing... (4:40)

[CP 268 CD] Alain Saverot; Tirage De Tête, Ballade Rustique, Original Magma

Creel Pone

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May 2022; long in the C.P. "chambre de gestation", this collection of the impeccable 1982-83 trio of releases by French Composer Alain Saverot (not to be confused with the GRM-adjacent & equally superb... French Composer Alain Savouret) as issued "Privately" across a pair of "Kiosque D'Orphee" LPs (you should be familiar with the label/pressing-plant - the French "EMI Custom" if you will - from the Parmegiani "Le Socrate" single they had a hand in) & a label-less third exactly 40 years back finally reaches fruition.

Presented here (in no particular order, albeit saving the best for last) we start with "Ballade Rustique" (#KO/82.0612), followed by "Tirage De Tête" ("Headshot," #KO/82.0904), then finally, "Original Magma" (#83 AS 3 MC 1). The latter is, personally, the pick of the litter; aside from the rampant "Plundering" of early 'Floyd (there is just. no. way. in. hell. that this could be reissued in any other context) the energy levels and edits-per-second ratios are pinned throughout, causing a fairly obnoxious blend of Gallic Free-Folk excesses, rampant tape-munge and raw bruitage.

If the Philippe Doray title ([CP 215 CD]) moored your tugboat, or if you're a fan of the fantastic & sorely missed (R.I.P.) ... French Composer Ghedalia Tazartès, consider Saverot the seldom-discussed missing link between the sensibilites of the two.