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[CP 284 CD] Enrique X. Macias; Entre La Nocha y La Mañana +

Creel Pone

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May 2023; Spanish composer Enrique X Macias should be a familliar name due to his inclusion on the defining "Musica Electroacustica Española" series ([CP 260-261 CD]) via the fantastic piece "Portrait Du Matin," making this replica edition of his lone (vinyl-era) solo outing (issued in 1983 on Linterna Musica, replete wtih its acid-washed purple cover wonderfully reproduced here) something of a no-brainer.

Arriving with his compositional sensibilities fully formed on the Kagel-esque ensemble chaos of "Nachtmusik II para cinco instrumentos y banda magnética", we're then treated to Jorge Peixinho's solo harpsichord performance of "Foglio" (reading like a slowed-and-throwed take on Ligeti's "Continuum") but the real star of the show is the extended "Lied Für María" (composed in Krakow w/ Marek Chołoniewski on the controls) in which hyper-compressed FM'ed synth bonk & scatter is arranged in increasingly complex arrays of high-attack stabs & time-based effects, yielding something along the lines of a more "present" read on Ákos Rózmann's "Images of the Dream and Death".

In addition to the entire "Entre La Nocha" suite, we're treated to two additional, extended pieces: the 22-minute "Foglio IV, Fragment" from "Encontre De Compositors II" (as issued in 1984 by Unió Músics via their Institut D'Estudis Balearics sub-series; check the Creelpolation 2 for a further "Encontre" piece by Amadeu Marin) with tape fragments arranged by Juhani Liimatainen & Patrick Kosk (the Kosk-led Edition RZ LP of Finnish Electro-Acoustic works of course being one of my all-time favorites) then finally a majority excerpt (solely to keep this on a single disc, an edit has been performed to get to the heart of the Electronic movements) of the 25-minute "Tránsito" as issued by Grabaciones Accidentales on an LP shared w/ Agustín Charles & Albert Llanas.

This edition comes in an eye-popping 6-panel "Glossy" booklet with all relevant information & liners from all three titles laid out squarely on the interior; a high-water mark in the series' 18th anniversary run.