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1-01. Juan Hidalgo; Etude De Stage (5:14) 1961
1-02. Andrés Lewin Richter; Tres Estudios En Forma Canónica (8:00) 1963
1-03. Mauricio Sotelo; Lieve (8:52) 1986
1-04. Ramón González Arroyo; Dorian (10:13) 1985
1-05. Juan Pagán; Red And White (11:13) 1986
1-06. Enrique X. Macías; Portrait Du Matin (16:51) 1986
1-07. Adolfo Núñez; Press (9:13) 1986

2-01. José Manuel López; Les Temps Multiples (10:57) 1987
2-02. Jacobo Durán-Loriga; Disforia (13:40) 1984
2-03. Gabriel Brncic; Concierto-Gótico (11:14) 1985
2-04. José Antonio Orts; Viaje (8:10) 1987
2-05. Daniel Zimbaldo; Naturaleza Muerta (7:47) 1984
2-06. José Iges; Lito-Grafia (4:59) 1990
2-07. José Manuel Berenguer; Música En La Noche (12:23) 1985

[CP 260-261 CD] Musica Electroacustica Española 1, 2, 3

Creel Pone

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Gorgeous reproduction of these three vinyl compilations released by Circulo De Bellas Artes in the mid-late-80s (as CBA #5, #7, & #11, respectively) offering canonic pieces of Spanish Early Electronic Music composed between 1961 & 1987 by a who's who of said:

ZAJ co-founder Juan Hidalgo, Andrés Lewin-Richter, Mauricio Sotelo Lieve, Ramón González Arroyo (his only other Electro-Acoustic piece aside from "De La Distance" on the "Archives GRM: Le Temps Du Temps Réel" disc), Juan Pagán, frequent Jorge Peixinho collaborator Enrique X. Macías, Adolfo Núñez, José Manuel López, Jacobo Durán-Loriga, Gabriel Brncic, José Antonio Orts (great piece on the "Inventionen 2000: Berliner Festival Neuer Musik" disc on Edition RZ), Daniel Zimbaldo, José Iges (amazing piece on the "Luna Y Panorama De Los Insectos" tape on Actéon), and José Manuel Berenguer (check the first piece on Polonio's "Bload Stations * Syntax Error" ...)

Comes as a Double Compact Disc-Recordable inside a Six-panel booklet offering the apropos hyper-detail of the original-issue aesthetics on the outers (blow-ups & color separations of the track/detail-listings on the inners) complete with a 6-panel accordion-fold booklet covering all three inserts...