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[CP 199.17 CD] Dominique Laurent; The Complete Pinok et Matho Soundtracks

Creel Pone

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October 2022; timely CP 199.XX edition collecting the three LP issues of music composed for the "Body Athletics" duo "Pinok et Matho" (aka Monique Bertrand et Mathilde Dumont; students of Étienne Decroux, the pair set up the T.E.M.P Pinok et Matho Théâtre Ecole Mouvement et Pensée in Paris in the 70s & are currently operating out of Tremplin Théâtre in Montmartre) by French Composer Dominique Laurent. This beguiling work has long entranced the (majority of; it was a single veto, albeit one that softened over time that kept this one from the program proper) C.P. P.T.B. via its adherence to a serenly rubato, hand-played "Chirp" doled out in largely 3-minute segments meant to "Mickey Mouse" the actions of the mimes-en-scène.

Starting with the fairly plaintive, child-like figures of "Les Pays De Tout En Tout" (Unidisc #UD 30.155, 1978) it's interesting how Laurent's approach to dialing-in motion-in-sound gets increasingly more outré &, frankly, bonkers over time, leading into the decentralized timbres of "Azur et Tenebres" (Unidisc #UD 30.1490, 1982) & finally the dark, foreboding drone-churn of "Fantasmusics" (PG #PG 8301, 1983). Often incorporating a single motorik/ostinato figure over which more "humanized" drippings of Electronic Sound are overlaid, this shares a certain mindset w/ recent C.P. titles by John Van Rymenant ([CP 266 CD]) & Hero Wouters ([CP 243 CD]). 

This C.P. replica edition comes complete w/ a luxuriously glossy 6-panel full-color booklet containing all of the artwork, designs, & labels, along with relevant information blown-up in the inner half of the gatefold, plus two separate royal-blue-on-warm-white 4-panel inserts covering those included w/ the "Les Pays De Tout En Tout" & "Azur Et Tenebres" sets and a double-sided high-def reprint of a pair of great 70s-era B&W photos of Bertrand & Dumont in action.