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[CP 266 CD] John Van Rymenant, Michael Galasso; Memory Stop, Scan Lines

Creel Pone

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Closing out the Igloo CP XX6 program (for now) is this compendium of the two LPs of "Electronic Music for Contemporary Dance" by John Van Rymenant (with Michael Galasso assisting on the latter) as issued by Daniel Sotiaux in 1982 & 1984, respectively.

Ages on the C.P. radar, the ways in which this music was denied (early on) then fully embraced (over the past half-decade) speak volumes as to how attitudes have shifted within Experimental Electronic Music, with a newfound emphatic response to this, at times, rhythmic (others; free & clear) grid-based program. There's an impeccable display of patch-programming & timbral details evident throughout these records that feel unparalleled; the clipped shifting/ratcheting figures and woozy, wandering "melody" lines definitely belie a more outré approach than your average "Minimal Synth" outing. The conceptual framing of this material as music for movement makes perfect sense given the unbroken stretches of discernible meter, always overlaid with multiple clashing/asynchronous time-bases.

This Creel Pone edition presents all original details from both LPs on a single 6-panel booklet, with both albums (magically/neatly) filling a single disc.