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[CP 000.30 CD] Costin Miereanu; Poly-Art "Blow-Up" Series +

Creel Pone

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This was the 30th title in the ca. 2003 "Proto Creel Pone" series, collecting all four of the "4300" series LPs self-issued by Costin Miereanu in 1984 on his "Poly-Art" label ("Pianos-Miroirs;" PAR 4301, "Carrousel;" PAR 4302, "Jardins Oublies;" PAR 4303, & "Derives;" PAR 3404) along with the two "2700" series Cassettes ("Le Royaume De La Reine Pellapouf;" PAR 2701 & "Fata Morgana;" PAI 2702) from a year or two prior, all presented here as a handy quadruple-disc set (ala the more recent [CP 290-291 CD]). 

These were hugely influential personally (compare my "ASR" or "Late Monoliths" albums w/ swatches of "Carrousel" or "Derives", respectively) and were in fact chanced upon long before Miereanu's epic Cramps LP (see [CP 078 CD]) at a NNJ garage when my sensibilities were very much still forming; the initial gut rejection to anything "New Age" eventually gave way to a profound appreciation of the music herein, consisting of side-length extrapolations on a single theme of sustained, ebb-and-flow Electronic Sound. 

The detail and context for each of the LPs is presented legibly across the six (glossy) panels of the booklet, along with a separate 4-panel insert disambiguating the two tape releases; this caps off the first 30 titles in the "P.C.P." program in a gorgeous way.