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[CP 295 CD] CAPAC "Musical Portrait" Series

Creel Pone

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November 2023; Inaugurating a long-in-the-works, curated rundown of the storied CAPAC "Musical Portrait" singles issued throughout the 70s & 80s by the Composers, Authors and Publishers Association of Canada, Limited, here is the first (of many!) discs covering those of Serge Arcuri (WRC5-3000; Series 4 No. 1), Richard G. Boucher (WRC5-3003; Series 4 No. 4), Yves Daoust (WRC5-3005; Series 4 No.6) & Marcelle Deschênes (WRC5-3007; Series 4 No. 8) presented in the now-familiar six-panel "Glossy" spec (with the art & libretto from each highly-purple "Gatefold" single presented in gory detail across 4 panels & the labels the remaining 2).

You've seen these pop up here & there on the apropos Composers' titles, usually as bonus material (check [CP 039-076] for the Rudolf Komorous[CP 049 CD] for the Bernard Bonnier & Giselle Ricard ones, [CP 143 CD] for the Ted Dawson[CP 219 CD] for the Philippe Ménard[CP 285 CD] for the David Keane, etc.) but these will cover the standalone singles; often the only issued material by a series of brilliant, insular composers working within & expressly outside of the Canadian Electro-Acoustic systems. Personally I *love* the format & focus, offering bite-sized nuggets of on the most complex & rewarding sections of each Composers' work, often as they were still in-progress.