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[CP 298 CD] Yasuhito Ohno; Music In DNA

Creel Pone

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March 2024; Blessed to have a replica edition of this indisputably singular 80s Private Press "Minimal Synth" LP in the program, the sole output of the shadowy Japanese Geneticist Yasuhito Ohno, as issued by the storied Fontec label amidst a litany of de rigeur Takemitsu & Ifukube works in the early 1980s. 

Incorporating similar mumble-vectors as the excellent Kai Harster "Return to Nature" LP ([CP 258 CD]) & (via the title-track) a somewhat similarly thorough mapping of extended timeframes of synthesized sound as the canonic Tom Cameron "Music to Wash Dishes By" LP ([CP 105 CD]) this comes in somewhere between a "Sonified Data" project (ala the "Harmony of the World" LP, [CP 188 CD]) and the kinds of stark Analogue repetitions found littered throughout the Vanity catalogue.

Little is know of Ohno himself, which makes the whole enterprise here all that much more appealing. This comes with a 6-panel "Glossy" booklet with all of the relevant detail from the original LP edition presented at scale on the "Outside" panels & a blowup of the more relevant bits of information on the "Inside".