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[CP 283 CD] Yan Tregger, David, Daniel Wescott; To The Land Of No Return, A Musical Evocation Of The Old Testament

Creel Pone

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May 2023; long on the list of C.P. demystification / disambiguation projects has been a cherry picked rundown of the Avant Garde & Experimental-Electronic works of one Edouard "Ted" Joseph Scotto Di Suoccio across the myriad monikers he worked under during Library Music's golden era (Yan Tregger, David & Daniel Wescott, Ron Capone, Taboo, Soul City, Major Symphony, etc.) While there have been a couple of recent-ish compilations of his more Psychedelic / Disco / Funk tracks, I'm happy to report that this C.P. replica of two titles initially issued on the French Musical Touch Sound library in 1980/1981 (as M.T.S. 1005 & 1010, respectively) then again a few years later by the German library Master Plus (ditto, #38009 & # 38017; the artwork for all of these is present in the booklet!) gets straight to the beating heart of this vein of his activity.

Starting with the, frankly, wonderful "To The Land Of No Return" we're treated to a rather special set of gain-staged analogue blap, doled out in prog-level song-length episodes (inlcuding an unheard-of-in-Production-Library-world 11-minute "Underground Cathedral") comprised of purposefully discrete analogue tape-echo treatments of every layer (rhythm, melody, accentuations, etc.) rivaling much of the "Private" "Industrial" work of the era (production move for move; much of this wouldn't be out of place on an early Maurizio Bianchi tape). It's a wonder this one hasn't been more readily canonized as it's a clear frontrunner for the exact sort of prescient "Private" home-studio electronic murk exactly capitalized by this program; in a vacuum this would be a masterstroke, but alongside Tregger's various funk/disco transgressions it's merely a blip. 

The C.P. P.T.B. have chosen to augment this blessed affair with an adjacent shadowy work, similarly issued the following year under the pseudo-pseudo-nym David Wescott initially as "A Musical Evocation Of The Old Testament" (later issues on both Master Plus and Auvidis credit this to both Daniel AND David) ostensibly as a refrain from worship & dealing with a similar set of heavily processed liturgical modes; together w/ "TTLONR" it's a great one-two covering the heaven-and-hell dichotomy of inner thought and propels Di Suoccio to the fore of a crowded sector of unheralded figurines in the whole library mythos.

Recommended for fans of the Ruth White ([CP 047-072 CD]), Nik "Pascal" Raicevic ([CP 079.5-080-081 CD]), Zanagoria ([CP 016 CD]), Cultural Noise / Bizarre Ko.Ko ([CP 196-196.5 CD]), and "The Inside Of The Outside" ([CP 018 CD]) titles, this comes with both discs sandwiched inside a full-color 6-panel glossy booklet with every stray detail evident on the 5 initial issues present & accounted for.