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[CP 200 CD] William S. Fischer; Omen+

Creel Pone

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Ah, CP #200; never in 12 years did I think we'd make it this far. Those of you keeping count will realize that, despite the catalogue number this is actually the 181st title in the series; that said we're definitely winding down & what a great run it's been. 

This, in many ways, is the perfect title to ring in this momentous occasion; arguably the longest in the Creel Pone "Queue" (mainly as virtually the entire cabal, upon discovery, scratched their collective heads, rooted around for close to a decade, and were still unable to turn up a copy until a few months back) this set by Atlantic music director & Rahsaan Roland Kirk & Pharoah Sanders sideman / arranger William S. Fischer, privately released on his "Arcana" imprint (not to be confused with the label that released the Martin Schwarzenlander-Fischer "Split" LP) & consisting of multi-tracked, hand-played solo synth takes recorded on/at Walter Sear's system/studio around 1970, goes against the grain in that it's ostensibly a "Jazz" record & not some automated, generative affair.

Why all of the commotion? Early Moog Modular multi-track takes deviating heavily from the canonic Moogsploitation lanes are few & far between, making this set of decidedly Afro-Futurist impressionisms an anomaly, on par perhaps with Sun Ra's simultaneous "My Brother The Wind v.2" and not much else. This Creel Pone replica includes the three spacious takes from "Omen", along with the two pieces from the same session issued on Fischer's Embryo-label "Circle" LP; itself largely a fine melding of Funkadelic / Dr. John -lineage slink & fusion realms, on which the decidedly abstract "Electrix"& "Capsule" always felt a little out of place.