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[CP 148 CD] Wilhelm Zobl; Ändere Die Welt, Sie Braucht Es

Creel Pone

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It’s raining “Musikalische Jugend Österreichs” titles! This collection of agit-prop tape music & raw tone-combination studies by the Austrian composer Wilhelm Zobl was recorded (with Eugeniusz Rudnik’s invaluable aid) at Studio Eksperymentalne & Vienna’s Institut Für Elektroakustik der Musikhoschule Wien in 1973 & 1971 (respectively) & remains (other than an appearance on a super-weird 1985 collection entitled “Antithesis” - where he appears alongside “Works of Electronic Music” alum Thanos Mikroutsikos, Frederic Rzewski, and Erwin Ortner’s Arnold Schoenberg Choir) his only recorded output from the LP era.

The two side-length pieces here are tours-de-force, merging a heady, agitprop early-70’s Concrète / radio-play hybrid (the A-side’s “Ändere Die Welt, Sie Braucht Es” - in spots not too far removed from a “Hymnen” / “Fantasmata 1960” hybrid) with a side of janked raw oscillator drift (the B-side’s “Zwischenraum” - whirring, dissonant agglomerates of nasty sawtooth buzz & fizzing FM synthesis) ... Definitely not something you’re likely to find out in the wild, where it has remained one of the more elusive entrants in this tantalizing Austrian series of early-electronic masterpieces.