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[CP 024 CD] Warner Jepson; Totentanz

Creel Pone

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There is a universe of amazing Early Electronic music out there; low-run Private-Press LPs tucked away in dusty personal collections, undocumented & unloved, referenced not once since that fateful day they were so delicately placed in the abyss. Gladly there’s Mr. P.C. C.P. to the rescue; resuscitating these vital artifacts, averting their fate from this particularly unhelpful migration pattern. Tt’s becoming clearer and clearer with each passing Friday that the work of Mr. P.C. C.P. is not fueled by a gross capital reward, but by the pure love of Electronic Sound and its accompanying “Graphic Splatter” - P.C. is a designer by trade.

The discovery and subsequent reproduction of this record is a fine case-in-point for the modus behind the Creel Pone series - again; this one has “Nurse With Wound List” written all over it; yet - nary a mention in the notes to said 1979 LP, nor just about anywhere on out on our Global Interweb. Purportedly the score to a 1971 ballet by Carlos Carvajal, "Totentanz" overwhelms us with its mystery while revealing only the most gratifying collection of sounds from every aspect that the Creel Pone series has covered thusfar - the A-side piece contains a long section of Tape-based Concrète; Lo-Fi pre-Industrial thudding, dissonant Piano stabs. and much repetition - you’ll want to crawl inside this bit and never come out - this gives way to a great blast of weird-Synth patterns that closes out the side.

On the flip there’s even further mystery layers, which slowly give way to the most amazing bit of Terry Riley lineage repetitive Minimal Synth figuring and blasted Spring Reverb & gated riffing - completely awe-inspiring, and with a demonic-looking cover depicting some sort of skeletons-and-ghouls-as-wedding-processional ceremony no less. Easily of the most intriguing Creel Pones yet.