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Voice Of The Wolf (Gump #GUMP 7, 1975)

001. Bengt Nordström; Natural Music (2:37)
002. Pugh Rogefeldt; I En Annan Värld (2:27)
003. Åke Hodell; Ur Mr. Smith In Rhodesia (3:29)
004. Happy Cousins, Rolf Börjlind And Carsten Regild; Nya Tider - Nya Änglar (2:01)
005. Sten Hanson; How Are You (1:59)
006. Sergeant Honolulu Dubble Fucking Five, Hans Tiberg, Rolf Börjlind,
Rolf Heyman, Lars Göran Reijner
; Juanita (0:48)
007. Leo Nilson; Päls (0:23)
008. Carsten Regild; Home To My Baby (1:34)
009. Joakim Skogsberg; Offer-Rota (1:25)
010. Carsten Regild; Typografi (2:28)
011. Sten Bergman; Sorti (3:58)
012. J.O. Mallander; Extended Play (3:51)

013. Hans Anton Knall; Merde (25:06)

[CP 199.14 CD] Voice Of The Wolf

Creel Pone

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April 2022: Here's a treat; a replica-edition of this 1975 "Compilation" of music by a towering selection of the Scandinavian left-of-center elite, as compiled by Graphic Designer Carsten Regild (if you own any of the LPs released by the storied Stockholm space/collective Fylkingen - where the A-Side here was assembled by Sten Hanson - then you certainly know Regild's work).

Issued in 1975 on Gump (where it sat alongside canonic offerings by Kvartetten Som Sprängde, Joakim Skogsberg, & Sten Bergman) this appears (the A-Side, at least), on the surface, may seem like a by-the-books collection of pieces by such Electro-Acoustic, Free Improv, Psychedelia & Sound-Poetry luminaries as Sten Hanson, Åke Hodell, J.O. Mallander, Leo Nilson, & Bengt "Frippe" Nordström turns out to be the "Source Material" for the B-Side's gnarly deconstructiong by one Hans Anton Knall (who we're going to assume is Regild himself wearing a "Pseudo-Academic Moniker" hat ala Heinz-Hoffman Richter) as composed & carried out at the Elektronmusikstudion (EMS) Stockholm that year.

This is exactly the sort of hamfisted Tape Collage that the P.C. P.T.B. are always going on about; that it comes from a (priveleged) position with the Swedish/Finnish Avant-Garde & Psychedelic scenes just makes it all that more appealing...