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[CP 013 CD] Vaclav Nelhybel; Electronic Music

Creel Pone

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This could very well be the most obscure Creel Pone yet; a reproduction of an uncirculated 1966 10” record prepped by the shadowy Madison Avenue agency "T R F MUSIC, INC." of "Electronic Music" by Czech composer Vaclav Nelhybel, during which the Composer / Performer does ravage dissonant cheap electronic organ & piano clusters through ancient waves of Tape Delay & other Early Electronic modifiers.

I assume these were handed out to prospective Documentary Film-makers & Production companies & the like in its generic carrot-orange inner-sleeve - labels with, presumably, corrected info pasted over the initial, presupposed ones - with 26 cues absolutely jammed on each playing side; a literal "A to Z" of Nelhybel's Tape Music vocabulary.

The quasi-mystical tonalities & generally liberally-applied time-based effects do remind me of the stray oscillations of Bebe & Louis Barron's "Forbidden Planet" score from a decade earlier; the organ-centricity is not unlike a Library-music version of Gene Moore’s score for “Carnival of Souls,” albeit with implicitly imposed extra-orbital connotations. Decidedly alien; yet wholly evocative.