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[CP 125 CD] Umberto di Grazia, M. Radicchi, Binsy; Dimensione Sogno

[CP 125 CD] Umberto di Grazia, M. Radicchi, Binsy; Dimensione Sogno

Creel Pone
CP 125 CD
Compact Disc-Recordable

Despite being something of a self-professed “Enthusiast” of exactly this kind of thing - privately-released LPs of minimal, experimental electronic music from the 1970s - I had literally never heard head nor hide of the storied Italian actor - he was in Roger Vadim’s wonderful Barbarella, Tinto Brass’ Attraction, and Vittorio de Sica’s Sunflower, something of a holy trifecta right there -  Umberto di Grazia’s lone musical outing, featuring a series of minimal, experimental electronic etudes realized by the shadowy “M. Radicchi” & “Binsy” as something of a soundtrack to di Grazia’s self-actualization book of the same name - translation: “The Dream Dimension” - from 1976.

Subtitled “Musiche Dalla Dimensione: Spazio - Tempo - Captate dalla “Particolare” Sensibilità” - i.e., clunkily, "Musics from the Dimension: Space - Time - Picked up by the “Detail” Sensibility" - this set of music was issued by the ultra-obscure Roman Pinciana record label as a “Double A-side” affair - one of the aforementioned Moog solos - the B-side - then one with the same pieces, only cut with Environmental recordings & Matural sounds - the A-side - in a manner more befitting a Henning Christiansen audio-work - i.e. the animal sounds are quite intense - the rather noisy winged friend accompanying some of the ‘ol “Detail Sensibility" - than anything hinging on healing / self-improvement.

This one’s just dripping with utter mystery - it’s as obscure & inviting as these thing get.


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