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[CP 293 CD] Toshiya Sukegawa; Compositions For Magnetic Tape

Creel Pone

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November 2023; gorgeous, glossy replica edition, presenting two pieces composed at NHK (both the Electronic Music studio in Tokyo & the Hiroshima broadcasting station) by Toshiya Sukegawa, as issued in a 1983 on the Composer's own "Flora" imprint, predating his flurry of "Bioçic Music" discs by a good decade.

Composed in 1983, the entire A-side is dedicated to "The Eternal Morning, Op.68," meshing chamber instrumentation (as performed by The Hiroshima Symphony Orchestra under the conduction of Hideomi Kuroiwa, featuring Genichiro Murakami as piano soloist throughout) with swashes of location recordings & a deft, almost Luc Ferrari-an sense of "Augmented Reality". On the B-side, similarly, we get the extended "Chant Du Vent, Op.62" from 1980; a purely synthetic piece, realized through the time-tested "mixer-as-piano" approach in which the Composer ran diatonic sine-tones & high-Q filtered White Noise through a mixing desk & "Performed" the composition through Pierre Henry-esque virtuoso fader moves.

This C.P. replica edition presents all of the detail & context of the original LP (however scant) in micro-miniature, including the original "Sales Sheet" insert (laid out entirely in 8-bit Kanji, very cool!)