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[CP 281.04 CD] Ton Bruynèl, Dick Raaijmakers, Peter Struycken; Geluid <=> Kijken, Drie Audio-Visuele Projekten

Creel Pone

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April 2023; fourth title the C.P. "Shorts" program, covering a trio of Sound-Art works exhibited at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam between March 5 & April 19, 1971 & issued by the towering Contemporary Art institution that year as a triple-flexidisc & catalogue set. Notably absent from either of Bruynèl & Raaijmakers' career-spanning Donemus boxed sets, their pieces here come from more of an in-situ spec & deal with static configurations of, presumably, ongoing automated sound-systems doled out in 6-minute increments (two per composer/piece) & are quite removed from either's more well-documented Electro-Acoustic work (and in Struycken's case this is the only documentation of his sound/work!) 

Fascinating arrays of stray clicks and dense tape-edits borne from Bertoia-esque metallic klang; this C.P. edition comes as a single disc inside a six-panel full-color booklet including all relevant detail from the flexis/labels/catalogue/cover/rear on the exterior 3, then a detailed rundown of the show itself on the interior 3.