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Cycle One: Seasons

1-01. Beginnings (5:29)
1-02. Springsong (3:19)
1-03. Solstice/Summersong (10:16)

1-04. Turnings (6:05)
1-05. Harvest (4:38)
1-06. Winterwhite (8:59)
1-07. Circle's End (2:10)

Cycle Two: Elements

2-01. Fire (9:17)
2-02. And Earth (12:05)

2-03. And Air And Water (21:20)

[CP 000.08 CD] The Wind Harp; Song From The Hill

Creel Pone

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This was the eighth of the ca. 2003 "Proto Creel Pone" titles, comprised of this canonic afterparty 4am drifter, improbably issued in an impossibly deluxe package (the perennially ring-burnt Gatefold sleeve, wonderfully recreated here, absolutely busting at the seams with two printed inner sleeves & a 6-panel fold-out poster) in 1972 by Max Youngstein's United Artists (as #UAS-9963), where it appeared bookended on the left by (I shit you not) Jan & Dean's "Anthology Album" (UAS-9961) & Bob Willis & Tommy Duncan's "Hall Of Fame" (UAS-9962), then on the right by Steve Winwood's "Winwood" (UAS-9964) & (deep breath) Woody Allen's "The Night Club Years 1964-1968" (UAS-9965).

Consisting of four sides of ecstatic spectral drift (issued here in order across two discs; initial pressing was LP1 - Side 1/4, LP2 - Side 2/3 in a similarly improbable "jukebox" fashion) "performed" by Ward McCain's titular sculpture, "recorded using EV 365 and 650 microphones on an Ampex 351 laced with Scotch 206 tape, edited and Mixed at Aengus Studios, Fayeville, Mass" this is one of the all-time great acoustic drone records, single-handedly birthing the whole "Aeolian Harp" phenomenon as witnessed on records by Robert Archer, Garlo, Sverre Larsen & the like (all of whom presumably got their cues from this blessed proposition).

Note that you have the option of picking this up with or without the oft-missing poster (tucked into its own resealable sleeve for "safety") for authenticity's sake, reproduced as an eye-popping, absurdly-glossy 9.5" x 14.25" dorm-room-wall ready number.