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01. Harry Bertoia; Sounding Sculpture (1:10)
02. François & Bernard Baschet; Glass Trombone / French Monument Born On 57th Street (0:31)
03. François & Bernard Baschet; Harp / Untitled #7 / Untitled #21 / Piano With Two Ears (1:47)
04. Stephan Von Huene; Totem Tone #2 (1:05)
05. Harry Bertoia; Sounding Sculpture (1:31)
06. Stephan Von Huene; Totem Tone #3 (1:32)
07. Stephan Von Huene; Washboard Band (3:14)
08. Reinhold Pieper Marxhausen; Throne Dome (0:51)
09. David Jacobs; Wah Wahs 1 To 4 (2:15)
10. Stephan Von Huene; Totem Tone #5 (2:42)
11. Stephan Von Huene; Rosebud Annunciator (2:11)

12. Stephan Von Huene; Totem Tone #4 (6:05)
13. David Jacobs; Hanging Pieces (18:00)

[CP 000.09 CD] The Sounds Of Sound Sculpture

Creel Pone

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This was the ninth "Proto Creel Pone" title, a replica edition of the second title (bookended in both directions with LPs by the series' director & co-curator here, David Rosenboom, who appears as performer throughout) issued by the Aesthetic Research Center of Canada in 1975, offering one of the first collections of works nestled amidst the nascent "Sound Sculpture" idiom as assembled by "Sound Sculpture" author John Grayson as recorded at the Vancouver Art Gallery throughout the year.

This comes as in a six-panel "Matte" booklet with a 12-page booklet covering tons of photos & documentation of the included works, which include familiars (Bertoia, the Baschets) & even now relative unknowns (Stephan Von Huene, Reinhold Pieper Marxhausen, and especially David Jacobs, whose near-side-length "Hanging Piece" is without a doubt the star of the show here).