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Sound Sculptures (Wergo Spectrum #SM 1049-50, 1985)

1-01. Siegfried Fink; Metallophonie
1-02. Hans-Karsten Raecke; Das Mecklenburger Pferd
1-03. Wolfgang Roscher; Phonetische Etüde

1-04. Klaus Hinrich Stahmer; Soundscape
1-05. Wilfried Jentzsch; Lithophonie

2-01. Klaus Ager; Alinkonie II
2-02. Herbert Försch-Tenge; Tri-Cello

2-03. Anestis Logothetis; Klangagglomeration
2-04. Christoph Wünsch; Kaleidoskop
2-05. Peter Vogel; Kleines Fünfstimmiges Minimal Music Object

[CP 000.39 CD] Sound Sculptures

Creel Pone

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This was the 39th (yes, there's a bit of a gap in there; will fill in/shore up the numbers over the summer after the move) in the "Proto Creel Pone" series, further perpetuating the Black & White LPs of Sound Art" spec w/ this absurdly underrated collection of recordings of second-wave Sound Sculptors at work in the mid-80s. Featuring the work of a few familiar Composers (Anestis Logothetis, Klaus Ager), sure, but the focus is on the instruments & constructs themselves, and the gamut run from screeching metal squawk to automaton-rhythms and the like is purely unparalleled.

Comes as a double-disc set w/ a blow-up insert w/ the entirety of the English & German liner notes strewn vertically on a 3" x 16" strip.