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[CP 247 CD] Renaud Gagneux, Jean-François Gaël, Alain Savouret; Sonoriages, Musiques Sur La Place, Musiques De Table, Musiques En Bandes

Creel Pone

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A good decade in the making, here is (at last!) a compendium replica edition of all three titles issued by Chant Du Monde in 1985 via their "Sonoriage" series, focusing on Sound-Collage & Musique Concrète works, offering an EP-length suite of pieces each by Composer & Pierre Mariétan / GERM collaborator Renaud Gagneux ("Musiques Sur La Place", #100137; he also plays piano on Françoise Barrière's "Ritratto Di Giovane", lovingly replicated as CP 193-193.5), Guitarist, Composer, & Sonorhc member Jean-François Gaël ("Musiques De Table", 100138), & the vastly underrated INA GRM-aligned Composer Alain Savouret ("Musiques En Bandes", #100139; seriously, do yourself a favor and track down a copy of his 1977 "L'arbre Et Caetera" set, easily one of the studio's unique aesthetic highpoints, rarely discussed) as composed at the G.M.E.B

This all comes on a single disc (the C.P. PTB have opted for the simplicity of the side-per-track organization method here ala the "Creelpolation" discs, mainly as to protect you from a bunch of 10-second single-blip ID's; so it's Gagneux tracks 1&2, Gaël 3&4, Savouret 5&6) housed inside a six-panel booklet offering detail of the singles & booklets spread out in exhausting detail...