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[CP 026 CD] Solmaz Sporel, Ilhan Mimaroglu; Parmak Çocuk, Çizmeli Kedi

Creel Pone

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While there’s no explicit date listed anywhere within, I’m guessing the pair of 45rpm 7”s in question - released only in Turkey - date to the mid-60s, with each featuring Solmaz Sporel reading a different fairly tale over a completely amazing Musique Concrète tape-backing by Ilhan Mimaroglu, produced at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center in New York.

Personally, these particular outings are some of the most gratifyingly zonked things I’ve ever heard, having much to do with the language barrier and general over-the-top vocalizations by child voice-actors - although I’ll understand if its a bit of a stretch for some. Those who felt the vibrations from the Arthuys Creel Pone  - i.e. recitations of children’s stories with Musique Concrète accompaniment - will find much to rejoice over here.

This 2015 re-reproduction includes both the original "Çizmeli Kedi" & "Parmak Çocuk" singles, along with a more recently discovered, unbroken, side-length version of "Parmak Çocuk" issued as half of the "Müzikli Ve Oyunlu - En Güzel Masallar" LP as the first track.