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[CP 112 CD] Seesselberg; Synthetik-1

Creel Pone

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Here’s inarguably the Holy Grail of the tri-section of the Krautrock / Düsseldorf-school / experimental-electronic crossroads; the sole ”Private Issue” 1973 LP, documenting “Elektronische Musik” as recorded between “1971 bis 1973” by Wolf-J & Eckart Seesselberg.

I have long seen this titanic set as so much more than a mere footnote in the “Electronic Psych” canon; if anything, the free-wheeling, free-form live-electronic blasting that ensues pretty much from the onset obliterates the majority of the more well-known output by the duo’s Berlin countrymen - even the various Zodiak Free Arts Lab aggregates never got this woolly.

The opening “Jeder ist Heutzutage Glücklich's” FM'ed blast-off, heavy-stereo & tape-echo moves drops an albumsworth of moves in 3 minutes, paving the way for a series of short & completely zonked electronic miniatures - not far removed, thematically, from the pacing & “Feel” of the Fille Qui Mousse LP that range from fried / clucking iterations to proto-Raicevic-ian pulse-gristle.

The more temporally-expanded work on the B-side is all concerned with a constantly morphing set of Analogue Synthesis techniques that so perfectly straddles the line between “Mind” and “Head” that it’s practically the blueprint for our currently forming zeitgeist w/r/t to “Psychedelic Synth” exploits. This music is as revelatory & relevant as it comes; once again all praise on high for Mr P.C. C.P. for rescuing it from the catacombs of history & putting it back out into our active collective consciousness.