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[CP 212 CD] Rune Lindblad; Predestination

Creel Pone

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A-grade, primal bleep from; Rune Lindblad's first & best record from 1975 - amazingly never available on disc prior to this replica edition - originally issued via the Proprius books & records imprint, rife with explosion-oriented Buchla & EMS channelings. 

Listening to this now, eyes closed, I'm amazed at how little progress there's been in the world of analogue electronic music & the organization & compositional sensibilities offered within; some of the timbres sounds wholly contemporary & their working methods perfectly in line with contemporary methods.

"Lindblad is a musical materialist. Natural phenomena, political situations formed with razor-sharp sense of sound experience qualities, a time-flow, often so pushy, intense and long to know provoked, become angry, happy, annoyed, sad but never indifferent.
He portrays the horrors of war, natural strength, life's relentlessness. When the humor sometimes shines through (Gimmick) is a bizarre, bitter laughter mirror facing a grotesque, evil world. Perhaps Lindblad's interest in the sounds of nature his only life-affirming side, the strength, the beauty of the natural sound is reproduced in artistic concentration with electronic sound elements. Lindblad portrays our world from a frog perspective: it is the oppressed audio world." -Jan Ling


"Within an hour or maybe two war will virtually be the end - both parties beaten to death - while a single question remains: How will the radioactivity that affect the rest of the world?"

PLAN OFFICE 1974 10'30"

The workers say they are satisfied with the office of the landscape better reach to the archives, literature, drawings and other work. A longer period of adjustment is necessary in offices compared to cell office. Plan office indicated also have a "educative" effect. You become fuller account, occurs more discreet and talking quietly. Loud bargains and reprimands are according to German experience completely impossible in an office.

GROWING 1973 9'

You can close your eyes with your eyes and let your ears take only part of what happens in nature, in nature's essence, its idea. Only then perceives everything, from the smallest to the fan's wildest noise, from the most cutting howl to the gentlest word of reason. It is nature that express themselves and show us their essence, their strength, their lives and their relationships, so that whoever does not have the ability to see can comprehend an infinite vitality of another organ.

GLACIER 1971 8'10 

If the glaciers: "Have glacier opportunity to extend that form its layer of ice a shallow trough-shaped depression. Will glacier block the ledge, bent your fan ice sheets, wave or zigzag. The glacier fills the valleys down which it flows and it is in continuous movement, albeit very slow. at the onset of sudden drop or drop-offs shortcomings entire ice mass in the larger and smaller blocks and sammanstörtar. "

GIMMICK 1972 4'47"

The composition is made with the electronic sound material, and the starting time has been to develop short point-shaped sound elements to a closed unit. The short sound elements are then varied within very narrow limits to so limit the endless possibilities for variation in relation to the workpiece length.

The recordings took place in the years 1968-74.
Thermonuclear Plantation 1968-69, the EMS Impulsgenerator, filter, tongenerator.
Office Landscape 1974, the University of Gothenburg. Setting: Buchla synthesizer, 2 Putney synthesizer.
Growing, 1973, University of Gothenburg's music Scientific inst., Fylkingen: Buchla synthesizer.
Glacier 1971, Chalmers High School, Gothenburg musicology league settings: noise generator, hackers, filters, fragments of voices.
Gimmick 1972 EMS Gothenburg University, Settings: 2 Putney synthesizer.