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[CP 299 CD] Lilli Friedemann, Gertrud Meyer-Denkmann, Rudolf E. Hagen; Rote Reihe Universal Edition Singles

Creel Pone

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May 2024; ages in the works, the C.P. P.T.B. are extremely glad to finally present this single-disc replica-edition collecting the four relevant/salient singles as issued amidst the 60-odd volumes of the Austrian "Rote Reihe" ("Red Row") journal-series between 1969 & 1975, featuring an eye-opening assortment of quite transgressive Electronic, Experimental, & Improvised Music all framed as educational in nature (and mostly performed by/with a mix of professional "Classical" musicians & school-age children).

Appearing here in order: Gruppe Lilli Friedemann's "Kollektivimprovisation" (UE 20007; "Collective Improvisation" - gorgeous spectral burn-in leading into acoustic emulations of Electronic timbres, keening pointillist percussion & some rather surprising applications of extended techniques), Gertrud Meyer-Denkmann's "Klangexperimente Und Gestaltungsversuche Mit Kindern" (UE 20011; "Sound Experiments and Sound Design Attempts with Children" - group-mind reckless abandon that wouldn't be out of place on an FMP side, plenty of subtle tape/speed alterations and almost speaking-in-tongues / divine-intervention level impulsive vocalisations), Rudolf E. Hagen's "Elektronische Musik in der Schule" (UE 20044; "Electronic Music at School" - a side of J.C. Risset-esque tone-combination demonstrations followed by a wallop of a side of Eimert-esque full-range Tape-Studio masterpieces), & finally Lilli Friedemann's "Einstiege In Neue Klangbereiche Durch Gruppenimprovisation" (UE 20050; "Entry into New Sound Areas through Group Improvisation" - flowing multi-metric percussion workouts cut with Sound Poetry & minimal, almost imperceptible disturbances).

Clocking just shy of an hour, this is an incredible array of abstractionisms by a trio of figures of which these are their only releases!