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[CP 000.26 CD] Rote Reihe Realisationen

Creel Pone

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This was the 26th of the ca. 2003 "Proto Creel Pone" titles, documentation of a joint German-Austrian-British-Canadian effort to introduce "Experimental Music" to school-age children in the early 70s. While elements of the Orff Schulwerk instrumentation & methodologies are close at hand, it's the presence of (later) C.P. -adjacent composers such as Anestis Logothetis, R. Murray Schafer, Cristobal Halffter, Roman Haubenstock-Ramati, David Bedford and the like that lend an incredible air of heady/serious Modernism to the proceedings herein.

While the (excellent) Halffter piece has a tape-element, much like the "Musiques Vert" set it's incredible how close the (again, largely student) ensembles get to recreating so much of what we associate, timbrally, with Electronic Music. Many largely improvised pieces are squarely in the Dubuffet-Jorn wheelhouse, and the (frequent) bursts of laughter between the quite ominous & eery-sounding atonalisms certainly adds a uniquely unhinged quality. 

This replica edition comes as two discs housed in a six-panel booklet, along with a 4-page insert showing diagrams and descriptions of the methodologies used throughout.