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[CP 095 CD] Rodolfo Caesar; A Arte Dos Sons

Creel Pone

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Starting up again in the Spring of ‘09, Mr. P.C. C.P. offers up his replication of this 1978 "Gravação Especial," produced by Brasilian composer Rodolfo Caesar covering three pieces composed during the 4 years prior at the GRM in Paris (both A-side pieces; Caesar was in residence there from 1975-76) utilizing then cutting-edge synthesis methods alongside instruments designed & built by the brothers Baschet.

The three pieces here all utilize the extended mid-70s Musique Concrète vocabulary, with much use of gauzy, low-end haze & scraping string-playing - recalling the work of fellow GRM alum Andre Almuro - along with keening, high-frequency Coupigny synth work & associated rapid-fire processing & tape-assembly methods afforded by the then state-of-the-art studio.

Certainly one for the fan of the darker end of the Early Electronic Music spectrum. Remarkably, in all my years of following this music, I’ve never even come across mention of either the original LP or Caesar’s name; once again, much thanks to Mr. P.C. C.C. and his efforts.