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Instrumental And Electronic Music (BEEP #1001, 1975)

1-01. Logs For Two Double Basses (4:17) 1969
1-02. Stratti For Magnetic Tape (3:49) 1963
1-03. Hymn For Cello & Double Bass (6:06) 1970
1-04. Vonce For Magnetic Tape (7:56) 1967

1-05. La Fleur, Les Fleurs For Magnetic Tape (23:31) 1975

from "Electronic Music" (CRI #SD 328, 1974)

1-06. Elegia (7:58) 1964
1-07. MITSYN Music (5:04) 1974

Piano Variations b/w Totems For Oboe And Tape (BEEP #1002, 1983)

2-01. Piano Variations (18:10) 1982

2-02. Totems For Oboe And Tape (19:44) 1982

[CP 000.12 CD] Robert Ceely; Complete BEEP Recordings +

Creel Pone

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This was the 12th of the ca. 2003 "Proto Creel Pone" titles, compiling both LPs on Boston-area Composer Robert "Bob" Ceely's BEEP imprint: BEEP 1001; "Instrumental & Electronic Music" (1975) & BEEP 1002; "Piano Variations b/w Totems For Oboe And Tape" (1983), with the addition of the two pieces from CRI SD 328; "Electronic Music" (1974); his only other appearances on record.

Tales of Ceely were prevalent in Boston during the time that C.P. was about to come into existence; he had recently staged a "Nude Electronic Opera" at NEC (where he "made a lifelong friend" of Cecil Taylor shortly after enrolling in 1950) called "The Automobile Graveyard" (with a libretto by Fernando Arrabal, no less) which had local conservatives up in arms for the obvious reasons. After taking on a residency at Studio di Fonologia in Milan (RAI; alongside Luigi Nono, no less) in the early 60s, Ceely became enamored by the possibilities of Electronic Sound, and upon his return to Boston in 1966 established both the Electronic Music department at NEC & his own BEEP studios in nearby Brookline, and inaugurated the "Electric Wednesday" series of concerts in the mid-70s.

These records were fixtures of the 90s Boston Record-Store landscape (one with a magnifying glass can spot what is likely a Looney Tunes price-sticker on the cover; a fair $24.99 paid then) but have all but disappeared from the International landscape in the interim, making this replica edition something of a gem.