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Robert Archer; Nature's Dream-Harp (RA #RA-01, 1979)

01. Sunrise Over The Woods And Fields
02. The Chant Of Glastonbury Tor
03. Water Breezes

04. The Chorus Of The Hills And Skies
05. The Song Of Iona
06. Ocean Airwaves

[CP 000.18 CD] Robert Archer; Nature's Dream Harp

Creel Pone

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This was the 18th of the ca. 2003 "Proto Creel Pone" titles, reproducing British artist Robert Archer's Private-Press 1979 LP "Nature's Dream-Harp," as "played by the summer wind on Devaharp I." Along with the (domestic) "Songs from the Hill" set, this shows a differing interpretation & application of the Aeolian Harp spec, getting into some rather harsh & unsettling zones amidst the placid Oxfordshire ambiance (birdsong and a gentle breeze are audible throughout). Personally speaking, I prefer the overall modal tonalities here to SFTH, and this record in general was a HUGE influence on me during the creation of the "Playthroughs" systems, esp. the close intervallic harmonies. 

This replica edition includes all of the detail evident in the original issue across a 6-panel Booklet, including the braille strip on the cover's top right corner (presented in close-up detail on the "Labels" panel) plus the two inserts (one a double-sided number in blue ink with hand-written corrections, the other typewritten & ditto'ed) that came with commercial copies. In addition, there are two extra inserts in the form of a handwritten letter (quill pen on blue paper) sent by Archer to a Mr. P Francia (postmarked 18-8-80) plus a more boiler-plate feeling press release for the whole project. Incredible detail & background on this incredible music!